Preseason Shootout Schedule

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Please note that due to coaches emailing the league asking to be removed from the tournament due to other plans/conflicts, the schedule is in a state of flux for a few pools.  We are trying to email coaches when the schedule changes, but please check the website for updates to your schedule.  If you entered a team into the shootout, you are expected to play your games, it is not fair to the other teams who are constantly having their schedule changed!

The schedule for CPYBL Preseason Shootout is now available. Please click on one of the buttons below to view the round robin schedule. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to contact the league. As a reminder, this is a friendly tournament with the goal of working on skills and teamwork in advance of the season. Scores are not to be reported.  Please remember that teams pay the referees directly (this is different than last year).  Each coach should pay one of the referees $15 before the start of the game.

Rules of the Preseason Shootout will follow the rules of the CPYBL. With the following exceptions:

  1. We will play two 14 minute running clock halves with the stop and go in the last minute of each half
  2. Man to Man defense only
  3. Pressing rule will follow the CPYBL rules
  4. 3 timeouts per game
  5. Hosts may charge gate the same as a regular season game up to the league maximum which is $7/family, $3/adult, $1/child per day.


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