Feb 26th Update: Now that the 2023-24 season has come to a close, we would like to thank our coordinators, coaches, players, parents, and referees for making this league possible. As a reminder, we are offering two great basketball experiences this spring for those that would like to continue to play and/or develop their skills (more information on these opportunities is on the front page of our web site). We hope to see you this spring and if not, have a great off-season and we look forward to seeing everyone again for our 2024-25 season.

Important Info


  • 2nd-12th grade teams
  • Rec, High-Rec, Athletic
  • 10 game rec/high-rec schedules
  • 20 game rec option (3rd-6th)
  • 20 game athletic schedules
  • Rec teams grouped by location
  • Athletic A/B/C boys divisions
  • Athletic A/B girls divisions
  • League schedules all games
  • League manages/assigns refs
  • Games at member gyms
  • Preseason Shootout
  • Post-season Tournament
  • Sept 23 Team Registration Opens

    Oct 26 Gym Availability Due

    Oct 26 2nd-6th Team Registrations/ Schedule Conflicts Due

    Nov 12 7th-12th Team Registrations/Schedule Conflicts Due

    Nov 16-17 Preseason Shootout (round-robin)

    Nov 22-24 CPYBL Preseason Tournament (bracket-play)

    Nov 21-24 Coordinator Schedule Review

    Nov 25 Schedule Released

    Nov 30 Rosters and Waivers Due

    Dec 6 Opening Weekend

    Dec 23-Jan 9 Winter Break

    TBD Holiday Tournament

    Feb 16 7th-12th Regular Season Ends

    Feb 20-23 7th-12th Tournament

    Feb 23 2nd-6th Regular Season Ends

    Feb 27-Mar 2 3rd-6th Tournament

    Sept 15 Team Registration Opens

    Oct 21 Gym Availability Due

    Oct 21 2nd-6th Team Registrations/ Schedule Conflicts Due

    Nov 10 7th-12th Team Registrations/Schedule Conflicts Due

    Nov 11-12 Preseason Shootout (round-robin)

    Nov 17-19 CPYBL Preseason Tournament (bracket-play)

    Nov 16-19 Coordinator Schedule Review

    Nov 20/21 Schedule Released

    Nov 30 Rosters and Waivers Due

    Dec 1 Opening Weekend

    Dec 18-Jan 4 Winter Break

    Dec 28-31 Holiday Tournament

    Feb 11 7th-12th Regular Season Ends

    Feb 15-18 7th-12th Tournament

    Feb 18 2nd-6th Regular Season Ends

    Feb 22-25 3rd-6th Tournament

    The coach of the winning team (scores are not reported for 2nd grade games) is responsible for reporting the score of the game within 48 hours of the game being played.  Coaches can access score reporting from several places:
  • Report Scores menu option on the Portals->Coach menu
  • Report Score box in upper right corner of Coach Portal
  • My Team Schedule section of Coach Portal
  • Subscribe to Score Reporting Notifications and receive email with link on game day

  • ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYBL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. Players who participate in a league game without a signed waiver, will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season per league rules.

    Liability Waiver Form

    Please take a moment to read the League Rules as well as the Codes of Conduct that are used to govern the league.

    League Rules (new 12/11/23)

    Coach Codes of Conduct

    Parent/Spectator Codes of Conduct

    Player Codes of Conduct

    Click on the button below to view our inclement weather policy.

    Inclement Weather Info

    Click on the button below to view information about tournaments that are being hosted by CPYBL members or to learn how to contact the league with information about your tournament if you are a member.

    Member Tournaments

    All Tournament Brackets Now Available

    Tournament Schedule Info

    Please note that teams were assigned to brackets and seeded based on regular season results as of 12pm on February 5th for the 7th-12th grade tournament and 12pm on February 12th for the 3rd-6th grade tournament.  While record is the primary driver of seeding, other factors are taken into consideration including forfeit wins/losses, head-to-head, strength of schedule, as well as trying to avoid first round matchups between teams from the same organization (sometimes this is unavoidable.  Due to larger rec brackets this year, lower seeds will play opening round games on Friday.  We tried to reduce travel as much as possible, but this is a city wide tournament and we had very few sites available that were centrally located. Please note that teams that did not have jersey numbers on their roster as of February 5th per previous communication to your coordinators and the note on the front page of the web site were not included and neither were teams that forfeited two or more games for reasons other than illness or injury.  Best of luck to all teams in the tournament next week!

    You can access the schedule using the buttons below (all games for your bracket are shown by looking at the Physical Bracket or Schedule by Bracket) or there is a Tournament option on the Schedule menu with the same options to all of the tournament information.  Please note that all brackets, seeds, and schedules are final.

    Find My Bracket Physical Bracket Schedule by Bracket  Schedule by Gym

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    Spring Developmental and Team League Options

    We are pleased to announce TWO spring league options for 3rd-6th grade CPYBL players of all abilities.  Back by popular demand is our Spring D (Developmental) League.  This league is a combo skill training/team play league where kids will receive high quality instruction from experienced Midwest Basketball Trainers and get to try out their new skills in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 games.  Our second spring option is our spring team league (similar to our winter league) where teams will get 10 games in 5 weeks.  This league allows teams from our winter league to stay together as a team, combine teams, or register as individuals and be placed on a team.  All spring leagues will take place at facilities in the centrally-located Sycamore School District on new constructed or re-surfaced courts.  Read more below and we hope to see you this spring!

    Spring Developmental League

    Amerileagues is pleased to announce a partnership with Midwest Basketball Club who will provide expert training in our new Developmental League (D-League). This new spring league is designed for those that want to elevate their game to the next level! We offer elite training from Midwest Basketball instructors.

    Basic Information:

    1. 3rd-6th Grade Boys and Girls of all abilities
    2. All sessions will take place at the Gregory Center at Sycamore High School
    3. 5 weeks of high quality instruction from experience Midwest Basketball Trainers
    4. Sunday sessions on March 17, March 24, April 7,  April 14, & April 21
    5. Grades 3/4: 12pm-2pm; Grades 5/6: 2pm-4pm, max 40 kids per session

    Building player foundation by focusing on:

    1. Proper footwork
    2. Proper shooting form
    3. Enhancing dribbling/ball-handling/passing skills
    4. Floor spacing concepts

    Other Information:

    1. Apply skill development in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 play each week
    2. Knowledgeable Midwest Basketball trainers providing purposeful feedback
    3. Official Midwest Development League Jersey
    4. 40 minute - Running Clock Game with Officials
    5. Weekly adidas prizing and contest winners
    6. $249 Individual/player sign up

    Learn More  Register Now

    Spring Team League

    1. 3rd-6th Grade Boys and Girls of all abilities
    2. All games will be held in Sycamore gyms and other area schools
    3. Sunday games on March 17, March 24, April 7,  April 14, & April 21
    4. Two games per session
    5. $150 per player
    6. If registering as part of a team, include the name of your community and the name of your coach
    7. If registering as an individual, players will be assigned to a team
    8. Each team will get an Amerileagues jersey
    9. CPYBL rules will govern the games

    Learn More  Register Now

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    Jersey Numbers

    Any 3rd-12th grade teams that have rostered players without jersey numbers on the league web site (you can check by choosing the Teams option under the Gyms/Organizations menu or on your Coach or Coordinator Portal) as of Monday, February 5th will not be eligible to play in the season ending tournament. Coordinators, please make sure your rosters are updated by end of day February 4th. click here to read more ...

    Tournament Champions

    Bracket Champion Runner Up
    3B Ath A Lakota Thunderbirds Flight Wyckoff 3B-A Kings Brown 3B-A
    3B Ath B Gold Forest Hills Titans Doyle 3B-B Kings Erb 3B-B
    3B Ath B Silver Goshen Steinmetz 3B-B Lebanon Lamb 3B-B
    3B HR Group A Terrace Park Fisher 3B-R New Richmond Kunz 3B-HR
    3B Rec Group A Lakota Thunderbirds Michel 3B-R Terrace Park Moore 3B-R
    3B Rec Group B Mason Bishop 3B-R White Oak Taulbee 3B-R
    3B Rec Group C Mariemont Vianello 3B-R Indian Hill Allen 3B-R
    3B Rec Group D Madeira Harding 3B-R Lebanon Reinke 3B-R
    3B Rec Group E Madeira Pontsler 3B-R Mariemont Shewmon 3B-R
    3B Rec Group F Lakota Thunderbirds Montrose 3B-R Mason Meager 3B-R
    3B Rec Group G Indian Hill Kennedy 3B-R Game 5 Winner
    3B Rec Group H Harrison Nusekabel 3B-R Milford Woodrum 3B-R
    3B Rec Group I Three Rivers Gutzwiller 3B-R Lebanon Jackson 3B-R
    3B Rec Group J Pleasant Ridge Richer 3B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Tate 3B-R
    3B Rec Group K Kilgour Smith 3B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Arand 3B-R
    3B Rec Group L Cincinnati Christian Hill 3B-R Rockwern Shmoel 3B-R
    3G Ath Gold Sycamore Shappie 3G-A Goshen Gordon 3G-A
    3G Ath Silver Lebanon Allen 3G-A Oak Hills Williams 3G-A
    3G Rec Group A Dews Elite Lady Canes Snyder 3G-Rec New Richmond Corbin 3G-R
    3G Rec Group B West Clermont Gregory 3G-R Harrison Schenke 3G-R
    3G Rec Group C Indian Hill Hartke 3G-R Lebanon Goodwin 3G-R
    3G Rec Group D Deer Park Henry 3G-R Harrison Knab 3G-R
    3G Rec Group E Lakota Thunderbirds Theiss 3G-R Hyde Park Shuman 3G-R
    3G Rec Group F Seven Hills O’Connell 3G-R Mariemont Wellinghoff 3G-R
    3G Rec Group G Little Miami Mckeehan 3G-R Mason Weimer 3G-R
    3G Rec Group H Kings Bohardt 3G-R Milford Brandstetter 3G-R
    4B Ath A Gold Kings Reiss 4B-A Mason Schatzel 4B-A
    4B Ath B Gold Fairfield Warriors O'Toole 4B-B Sycamore Gratsch 4B-B
    4B Ath B Silver Ross Malcom 4B-B Springdale Johnson 4B-B
    4B Ath C Gold Princeton Lil Vikes Terry 4B-C Dews Elite Snyder 4B-C
    4B Ath C Silver Cincinnati Country Day Detwiler 4B-HR Kings Margraf 4B-C
    4B HR Group A Wyoming Rec Nolte 4B-HR Blanchester Wells 4B-R
    4B Rec Group A Madeira Lewellyn 4B-R Game 7 Winner
    4B Rec Group B Deer Park Bucker 4B-R Milford Inderhees 4B-R
    4B Rec Group C Lakota Thunderbirds Burger 4B-R Lebanon Zambon 4B-R
    4B Rec Group D Terrace Park Cain 4B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Smith 4B-R
    4B Rec Group E Norwood Youth Basketball Burns 4B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Keuler 4B-R
    4B Rec Group F Milford Hartigan 4B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Barrett 4B-R
    4B Rec Group G Loveland Hudson 4B-R Game 6 Winner
    4B Rec Group H Milford Stilwell 4B-R Kings Pursley 4B-R
    4B Rec Group I Sycamore Mccolaugh 4B-R Loveland Hurd 4B-R
    4B Rec Group J Mariemont Finke 4B-R Sycamore Lau 4B-R
    4B Rec Group K Kings Lonneman 4B-R West Clermont Rowe 4B-R
    4B Rec Group L Loveland Braun 4B-R Hyde Park Wasson 4B-R
    4G Ath A West Clermont Dick 4G-A Lakota Thunderbirds Flight Kirkpatrick 4G-A
    4G Ath B Harrison Sowder 4G-B Little Miami Dejonckheere 4G-B
    4G Rec Group A Dater Montessori Van Loveren Geis 4G-R Norwood Youth Basketball Prather 4G-R
    4G Rec Group C MVCA Hoffman 4G-R MVCA Haddox 4G-R
    4G Rec Group D North Avondale Montessori Grove 4G-R Wyoming Rec Mucha 4G-R
    4G Rec Group E Kilgour Muraca 4G-R Harrison Linderman 4G-R
    4G Rec Group F Kings Morgan 4G-R Game 6 Winner
    4G Rec Group G Sycamore Wysong 4G-R Three Rivers Harris 4G-R
    4G Rec Group H West Clermont Goldizen 4G-R Game 5 Winner
    5B Ath A Kings Gardner 5B-A Ross Schaefer 5B-A
    5B Ath B Gold Terrace Park Moore 5B-B Sycamore Endres 5B-B
    5B Ath B Silver Lebanon Andress 5B-C Milford Hawkins 5B-B
    5B Ath C Gold Mariemont Spreen 5B-C Madeira Fuller 5B-C
    5B Ath C Silver Mason Dorman 5B-C Milford Cosgrove 5B-C
    5B HR Group A Fairview-Clifton Jackson 5B-HR Cincinnati Country Day Sikora 5B-HR
    5B Rec Group A Dater Montessori Carter 5B-R Princeton Lil Vikes Crawley 5B-R
    5B Rec Group B Indian Hill Slattery 5B-R White Oak Kaiser 5B-R
    5B Rec Group C Wyoming Rec Williams 5B-R Harrison Seiter 5B-R
    5B Rec Group D Hamilton United Cornette 5B-R Madeira Davis 5B-R
    5B Rec Group E Pleasant Ridge Miekely 5B-R Three Rivers Richmond 5B-R
    5B Rec Group F Batavia Pence 5B-R Milford Brandenburg 5B-R
    5B Rec Group G Loveland Fairer 5B-R MVCA Lotz 5B-R
    5B Rec Group H Little Miami Smith 5B-R Kilgour Arthurs 5B-R
    5B Rec Group I Three Rivers Schmitz 5B-R Mason Kremer 5B-R
    5B Rec Group J Wyoming Rec Kiefaber 5B-R Evendale Menning 5B-R
    5B Rec Group K Oak Hills Walker 5B-R Harrison Benter 5B-R
    5B Rec Group L Sycamore Oneal 5B-R New Richmond Mccormick 5B-R
    5G Ath A Dews Elite Lady Canes Beck 5GA Kings Sweeney 5G-A
    5G Ath B Gold Fairfield Warriors Carter 5G-B Mariemont Tedford 5G-B
    5G Ath B Silver Sycamore Fitzwilson 5G-B Lebanon Bedwell 5G-B
    5G HR Group A Reading VYO Bolin 5G-HR Lakota Thunderbirds Meyer 5G-HR
    5G Rec Group A Batavia Brown 5G-R Kilgour Beatty 5G-R
    5G Rec Group B Madeira Crowley 5G-R Kilgour Hodesh 5G-R
    5G Rec Group C Pleasant Ridge Hardin 5G-R Mason O'Connell 5G-R
    5G Rec Group D Indian Hill Lewellen 5G-R Loveland Nellis 5G-R
    5G Rec Group E Fairfield Warriors Hallman 5G-R New Richmond Sittason 5G-R
    5G Rec Group F Wyoming Rec Ulrich 5G-R Milford Thomas 5G-R
    6B Ath A Gold Princeton Lil Vikes Brockman 6B-A Kings Doyle 6B-A
    6B Ath A Silver Sycamore Hirsch 6B-A Fairfield Warriors Schneider 6B-A
    6B Ath B Gold Fairfield Warriors McNear Sr 6B-B Oak Hills Anderson 6B-B
    6B Ath B Silver Mason Minogue 6B-B Ross Houpe 6B-B
    6B Ath C Silver Reading VYO Overbeck 6B-HR Lebanon Work 6B-C
    6B HR Group A Wyoming Rec Turner 6B-HR Finneytown Blyberg 6B-HR
    6B Rec Group A Sands Linser Red 6B-R Lakota Thunderbirds Flowers 6B-R
    6B Rec Group B Pleasant Ridge Gruber 6B-R MVCA West 6B-R
    6B Rec Group C Orion Academy Endres 6B-R Fairview-Clifton Salone 6B-R
    6B Rec Group D Clifton School Woods 6B-R Goshen Gilkison 6B-R
    6B Rec Group E Terrace Park Stevens 6B-R New Richmond Steelman 6B-R
    6B Rec Group F Sycamore Krieger 6B-R Deer Park Rainey 6B-R
    6B Rec Group G Mason Roller 6B-R Milford Carter 6B-R
    6B Rec Group H Pleasant Ridge Goodman 6B-R Kings Webb 6B-R
    6B Rec Group I Batavia Herzner 6B-R Seven Hills Kakar 6B-R
    6B Rec Group J Fairview-Clifton Burke 6B-R Milford Burch 6B-R
    6B Rec Group K Milford Iles 6B-R New Richmond Wise 6B-R
    6G Ath A Gold Fairfield Warriors Booker 6G-A Loveland Koors 6G-A
    6G Ath B Gold Little Miami Adkins 6G-B Indian Hill South 6G-B
    6G Ath B Silver Wyoming Rec Wilhelm 6G-HR Harrison Engelkamp 6G-B
    6G HR Group A Ross Van Winkle 6G-HR Reading VYO Schaefer 6G-HR
    6G Rec Group A Blanchester Lansing 6G-R Game 6 Winner
    6G Rec Group B Lakota Thunderbirds Fletcher 6G-R New Richmond Abbott 6G-R
    6G Rec Group C Kings Thiese 6G-R Goshen Dority 6G-R
    6G Rec Group D Kilgour Verkamp 6G-R Little Miami Younker 6G-R
    6G Rec Group E Batavia Grooms 6G-R Little Miami Barney 6G-R
    6G Rec Group F Wyoming Rec Wilson 6G-R Lebanon Chivington 6G-R
    6G Rec Group G Lakota Thunderbirds Beck 6G-R Milford Kinkaid 6G-R

    About Us

    The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is re-inventing youth sports leagues. We partner with our member organizations to ensure the best possible basketball experience for the youth of our communities and their families as well as our volunteer coaches. The CPYBL is committed to bringing a positive league experience to all of our members and are always looking to improve our operations based on the suggestions of our active membership. Please enjoy our expanded web experience by creating an account on our web site or by following us on Twitter @CPYBL