Welcome Coordinators!


Welcome to our CPYBL Coordinators page. This is a public page geared towards the program coordinators of our member communities, or for communities that are checking us out and might be interested in joining our league.  You will find the following information on this page:  Season Timeline, League Meeting Cadence, Levels of Play, Rules Information, Conduct and Incident Management, and Notifications.  If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to email us.

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League Rules (new 12/11/23)

Coach Codes of Conduct

Parent/Spectator Codes of Conduct

Player Codes of Conduct

Rules and Conduct


Coordinators need to be fully aware of the league rules in order to provide guidance to their coaches and parents.  Please take the time to read through the rules before you have your preseason coaches meeting.  Not knowing the league rule is not an excuse for violating a league rule.

In regards to conduct, we expect all coaches, parents (spectators), players, and referees to comply with our codes of conduct and behave themselves in an appropriate manner before, during, and after league games.  The leagues takes all reports of improper conduct seriously and conducts a speedy yet thorough investigation by getting statements from uninvolved third parties.  We also consult with coordinators not involved with the incident in question to gain a third-party view on the situation.  Any sanctions that apply to the incident are typically handed down before the start of the following weekend.  All individuals are responsible for their own behavior!



All coordinators and coaches are given access to portals which gives them access to information that is not available to the general public and allows them to conduct league business. When an account is created for a coordinator, the coordinator is given instance access to their portal.

 Season Setup

 Coordinator Portal Guide

 Coach Portal Guide

Game Reschedules

Once the season schedule has been published during the week of Thanksgiving, coordinators are responsible for managing game reschedules whether it be due to a gym availability change, gym closing, or a request from a coach. If a request from a coach, the coordinator should first ensure the reason the game cannot be played is valid (due to illness, school event). The coordinator should then contact the league so we can postpone the game, and then work with the opposing team coordinator to find a suitable time to reschedule the game.

Liability Waivers


All players in your organization must have a Liability Waiver on file with the league.  When a waiver is completed, we attempt to match it up with a roster entry based on the following information the parent filled out on the form:  team, player last name, player date of birth.  Coordinators can cross check their on-line rosters to see which players are missing waivers so that they can follow-up with the parents of the player.

Liability Waiver Form

League Fees

The following is a list of registration and other fees that an organization is required to pay the league as a member of the CPYBL. Organizations will be invoiced for team fees in early January.

  • Contact us for more information on league fees
  • Separate pricing for 10/20 game schedules
  • Teams pay $35 to one ref each game ($20 for 2nd grade)
  • $60 cancellation fee if game canceled within 7 days (paid to refs)
  • $200 drop fee if team is withdrawn from league after schedule is built

Playing Divisions

The CPYBL offers a variety of playing divisions for all of your teams. Recreational divisions are available for boys and girls in grades 3-12 while 2nd graders play in our Instructional league. High-Rec divisions are offered for boys 3-12 and girls 4-6 grades. We offer athletic A, B, and C (not 3rd grade) for boys and athletic A and B (not 3rd grade) divisions for girls in grades 3-6. Please take care during registration to register your teams in the appropriate playing division! If you had a team that dominated in the previous year, we ask that you please move them up to the next highest level.


Athletic divisions are offered for girls and boys in grades 3-6. All teams play a 20 game schedule and are formed via a tryout process. Most grades will have A and B divisions and some will have a C division.

  • Highly competitive, teams formed by tryout
  • A, B, and C (not for 3rd grade) divisions for boys
  • A and B (not for 3rd grade) divisions for girls
  • Travel to all parts of the city
  • 20 game schedule
  • 10 minutes minimum playing time

High Rec

High-Rec divisions are offered for most boys age groups and girls 4th-6th grade. Teams are for players who did not make an athletic or school team and want to play in a more competitive environment to work on their skills.

  • More competitive than recreational
  • Offered for boys 3rd-8th, JV, and Varsity
  • Offered for girls 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
  • More travel than recreational divisions
  • 10 game schedule
  • 10 minutes minimum playing time


Recreational basketball is the lifeblood of our league and is offered for grades 2-12. It provides kids an opportunity to play with their friends and develop their skills in a lower pressure environment.

  • Less competitive, skill development and fun!
  • Instructional basketball for 2nd graders
  • Recreational for 3rd-8th, JV and Varsity
  • Local competition and minimal travel
  • 10 game schedule
  • 20 game option for 3rd-6th grade
  • 2 quarters (or equivalent minutes) minimum playing time (2nd/3rd)
  • 10 minutes minimum playing time (4th+)

Frequently Asked Questions

NO! A player can only play on one team in the CPYBL. Also, players must play on a team at their grade level or higher. So a 4th grade could play on a 5th grade team, but not a 3rd grade team. For high school players, freshmen and sophomores should play on a team in the JV division while juniors and seniors should play in the Varsity division.

Each team is assessed a one team fee which provides league scheduling, tournament scheduling, referee assignment, incident management, individual awards for tournament champions and runners-up, a web site to manage your organization, timely email and SMS text updates, and a partner to help you run your organization and ease your administrative load. Athletic teams pay almost twice as much for a 20 game schedule as recreational and high-rec teams do for a 10 game schedule.

Simply email the league and provide some information about your organization. We only allow community-based organizations to be members of the CPYBL (no AAU programs please!) who are also able to provide home gym time. Your organization must also be located in proximity to other CPYBL member organizations.

We evaluate teams during the winter break and will move teams up or down if they are either dominating or being dominated respectively. In order to move a team, there needs to be a team that should be moved in the opposite direction so their schedules can be easily changed. Otherwise, there is a massive disruption to alot of teams and we have heard that this is not acceptable. Teams in Rec leagues can be moved up to High-Rec and teams in Athletic B and C can be moved up to Athletic A and B respectively. Teams in Athletic A and B can be moved down to Athletic B and C respectively and teams in High-Rec can be moved down to Rec. We will not move teams between High-Rec and Athletic due to the change in the number of games on the schedule unless it is an extremely severe situation. Coordinators, PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR TALENT, AND DO YOUR BEST TO INITIALLY PLACE TEAMS IN THE APPROPRIATE DIVISION.

The short answer is the league needs protection and the purpose of the waiver is to release the league of any liability in the case of an accident or improper conduct by players, coaches, or fans. It should take one minute for a parent to fill out the waiver for their player.

We accept girls and boys of all skill levels in 3rd through 6th grades. You can check a box when registering your team for the regular season which will register them for the Preseason Shootout. You will be able to see from your Coordinator Portal who has registered. Simply email the league if you wish to add or remove a team from the Shootout before the registration deadline in late October.

Yes, you can charge admission for regular season and post-season tournament games. Some communities choose not to charge or charge less than the league max which is $10/family, $4/person. Note that if your organization hires an off-duty police officer, then you can charge an additional $2.

League Meetings

We have a regular cadence of coordinator meetings and will be working to set specific dates in advance of the start of the season. As our league grows, some of these meetings might be held at two different locations to cut down on drive time for our coordinators. We expect one representative from each organization be present at all meetings.

  • July - committee reports, rule change voting
  • September - season planning
  • January - tournament planning
  • March - season review


We offer a single-elimination tournament that begins the weekend after the regular season ends for grades 3-12. In addition, we offer a Preseason Shootout tournament that takes place the second Saturday and Sunday in November. This is three game round-robin format with no championship bracket, a lightweight low-cost tuneup for the upcoming season. We are also happy to advertise member-run tournaments on our Tournaments page. Simply forward the information about your tournament to us.


The CPYBL offers a variety of email and SMS notifications for parents, coaches, and coordinators to keep them up to date with important information or to save them time when performing an administrative task such as logging a game score. If you would like to subscribe to notifications, please edit your account.

Game Change

For parents and coaches ... subscribers will receive an email or SMS text if a schedule change occurs for a team to which you have subscribed, including game adds and cancellations.

My Teams Change

You can click a single check box on your account page and receive an email update when the schedule changes for any of your teams in your organization, including game adds and cancellations.

Score Reporting

For coaches ... subscribers will receive an email update during your game with a link to the score reporting form. If you are the winning coach, it will take less than a minute to log your score.

My Gyms Change

You can click a single check box on your account page and receive an email update when the schedule changes at any of the gyms managed by your organization, including game adds and cancellations.